URC Standings
Gorban Valeriy 156
Saliuk Oleksandr Jr. 98
Kochmar Yuriy 88
Kikireshko Oleksiy 83
Kuzmenko Anton 75
Pushkar Vitaliy 71
Tagirov Dmytro 57
Chmykh Mykola Jr. 57
Radzivil Dmytro 55
Sydorov Denys 32

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The new height of Aleksandrov Rally

The new height of Aleksandrov Rally

In the fourth year of its existence, the rally for the memory of Andrey Aleksandrov the event has debuted as a stage of international series, European Rally Cup.

Mystical and mysterious sharp coincidence: as per a fate will, the race dedicated to distinguished Ukrainian driver and engineer, totally reiterated his career. Andrey was born in Lvov, almost immediately afterwards he moved to Odessa, where he grew up and matured, most of his life he worked in Kiev, and held his last race on the Ukrainian land in Bukovina, in the Carpathians. It is hard to believe, but a memorable Aleksandrov Cup was first awarded also in Lvov, in 2008, then Aleksandrov Rally was held in Odessa, a year later moved to Kiev, and since 2011 had settled in Bukovina!

The 2011 Aleksandrov Rally was held not only in front of thousands of Bukovina fans, but also under the watchful eye of international observer, FIA delegate Wolfgang Gastorfer. Clear and precise organization of competitions, unique special stages almost without equal in Europe, tourist attraction of the Carpathian region – all of this together played a role in the final decision: Aleksandrov Rally Karpaty was included in the calendar of the European Rally Cup in 2012! Now the race, representing Western Ukraine, joined the level ranks of the Bulgarian Rally Sredna Gora and Sliven, Balkan Rally Serbia and, of course, the jewel of the series, the Crimean rally Yalta.

Being in the company's absolute beginner, Carpathian race was ranked its allowing minimum coefficient of "2" at the very start, which itself put certain obligations to the organizers of the rally. Thus, according to the requirements of FIA, rally with such coefficient should definitely last for two days including recce, and the  total rally distance should not be less than 150 km. All of these terms this year shall be fulfilled: the rally will be held in the required format, and will meet the highest standards of FIA. The organizers of Aleksandrov Rally are to act only this way and it really is the only way to gradually enter into the elite of European and World motorsport.








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