URC Standings
Gorban Valeriy 156
Saliuk Oleksandr Jr. 98
Kochmar Yuriy 88
Kikireshko Oleksiy 83
Kuzmenko Anton 75
Pushkar Vitaliy 71
Tagirov Dmytro 57
Chmykh Mykola Jr. 57
Radzivil Dmytro 55
Sydorov Denys 32

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Aleksandrov Rally:  trial by the mountains

Aleksandrov Rally: trial by the mountains

A month before the start of the fourth stage of the Ukrainian rally championship Aleksandrov Rally, the organizers have published details of the route and the race regulations. Perhaps the main difference between the previous and the current edition of the rally is the distance. In accordance with the FIA Regional Rally Regulations, the event rated by a coefficient of "5" has to have the minimum distance not less than 180 km of special stages. At the same time, the Ukrainian championship regulations limit the maximum distance of the National Championship round at 150 km. In the end, having considered the official address of the rally organizer, the sports club "Atlant", as well as taking into account the common practice and recommendations of FIA, FAU Rally Committee decided, as an exception, to allow an increase in the distance of Aleksandrov Rally on the desired 20% – that is, from 150 to 180 km.

And what will the drivers, who come out at the start, get from, by far, the most beautiful and sophisticated Ukrainian rally? The three-day format prescribed by FIA assumes the following: Friday is relegated to administrative checks and scrutineering; reconnaissance and ceremony start of the rally. Saturday is actually a mirror image of last year's Aleksandrov Rally – it includes the same three special stages "Shurdyn", "Ploska" and "Bukovina", which will be overcome in the opposite direction this time. But on Sunday...

Sunday will be a day of absolute debuts – none of the three special stages, at the finale of the rally had been ever used before. According to the Mykhailo Loilenko, Aleksandrov Rally Clerk of the Course, special stages "Aqua Plus" and "Eagle's Nest" – a real gem that will make this rally shine new, completely unexpected colors. As for the special stage "Super Cross", it is in fact a classic "Super Special" for the joy of the audience to be held directly in Chernivtsi city.

Completely new is the location of the rally center – Rally HQ, service park and Parc Ferme, and media center as well. At this time, all of these key points of the race will be located on the territory of "Aqua Plus" tourist center, located on the shores of scenic lake near Chernivtsi. Thus, a well-known and beloved Ukrainian rally this year will certainly become more interesting, engaging and memorable.

For regulatory documents of Aleksandrov Rally please visit the ‘Competitors’ section of the official rally website www.aleksandrov-rally.com. At the same site, after a while, maps, guides for the fans, and other useful and interesting information can be found.








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